Hello? Does anyone hear me upstairs? I'm so sick of this weather. I so long for warmer and sunnier days. But for now, I give you some denim mania. From Zara. Oh, my God. I need it all this spring. And while I wait I spend my Sunday with Blue & Oliver watching the Worldcup in Falun, just being a tiny bit in love with Northug on a day like this!

That man... That man...

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Veldig fint moodboard, veldig inspirerende :D

nsker deg en herlig sndag :)

Madde K.K: S bra du likte det! :) God sndag til deg.


Sykt flink. Som alltid. Og PN. OMG yummiyummi

mariemurstad: hahahahaha!!! Jeg vet. PN ass...

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