Le Rouge et le Blanc

This Weekend was all about getting better for both Oliver and me. On Friday I made a choice- to let the weekend be all about my boys, while drinking tea, resting and watching movies. I dumped Internet for a couple of days. Ok, not all of it, but most of it. Let's face it- after getting iPhone 6 Plus into my life the world wide web never sleeps... 

Now, we're both feeling much better, getting ready for a brand new week! And as for this weekend that totally got away, check out my Instagram for some "no internet" squares. 






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Drømmer meg bort i de fineste bildene dine <3 Supersøte Oliver i striper, aaw :)

Lisa: så hyggelig! ja, vi er glad i striper hjemme hos oss. Hehe... Ha en fin mandag! :)

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